Funky Flower Vase

   IMG_20160224_114945487        IMG_20160224_113106367  mat still life collage

6/29/16:  This Mat has been sold but I could reproduce a similar but not exactly the same pattern.

One of a kind  painted floor cloth with fabric overlay design. Aqua base with batik fabric flower vase and abstract collage background. 3′ X 2′ canvas with mitered hem uses anti mildew primer, Benjamin Moore latex paints, fabric, and marine based urethane. 7 coats of paint in total! This design was inspired by the fabrics I had. The batik fabric for the vase comes from my favorite scrubs used in my career as a dental hygienist. I loved the idea of using something from one aspect of my life to fertilize my next venture. The colors of the fabrics allowed me to play with shape and design. Perfect for an entryway, bathroom or in front of a kitchen sink. The aqua background blends nicely with different decor styles while the vase pattern enlivens any room. Mat is durable and easy to clean with a damp cloth. Will give many years of use and enjoyment.

Mat is shipped flat via UPS with insurance.

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