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  1. Not at all! Selling it means you are going to make someone else a very happy owner of pretty jewellery – and you're making yourself happy with a trip to India. A win-win situation! What an amazing tweed jacket, Vix! xxx

  2. Hi Ryan – It had been awhile for me too. Whenever i get the chance to see a live performance I try to complete a reading beforehand. I find that it enhances the experience. That is what happened here.

  3. Gostaria que os judeófobos respondessem sobre algumas questões, se puderem: O que os judeófobos acham da Independência do Kosovo? O que acham da atitude da Sérvia no famigerado massacre na última guerra entre estes países? O que acham da atitude da Sérvia em não aceitar a Independência dos kosovares? Pode parecer que este assunto não tem haver com o tema atual, mas o próximo presidente americano vai ter que lhe dar com isso.[]

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  5. Absolutely Brilliant article!! Had similar experiences during 11th and 12th myself. Those 2 years preparing for JEE were the foundation of my personal and professional life

  6. Bruno escreveu: document.write(’28 de julho de 2011 as 14:07′); Eu quero um! Danilo escreveu: document.write(’28 de julho de 2011 as 1:02′); Quero um Leandro escreveu: document.write(’27 de julho de 2011 as 22:42′); Opa quero 1 convite tb! no aguardo. Obrigado Entretenimento 23 de novembro de 2012 21 de novembro de 2012 20 de novembro de 2012 20 de novembro de 2012 20 de novembro de 2012 Últimas Notícias Outros Destaques Mais Comentados 5 de junho de 2007 24 de março de 2011 7 de março de 2007 8 de fevereiro de 2010 30 de maio de 2010

  7. I think this is a terrific list despite any reservations some people have about the methodology. It really demonstrates the huge growth potential of digital media companies in some of the emerging markets. Also, as a scientist – I note Elsevier being top 5 in revenue (Elsevier is publisher behind many of the top scientific journals).

  8. Pe mine m-a nedumerit “Hasta la vista, Vista” ala de la sfarsit… A avut Windows Vista si l-a dezinstalat?! In alta ordine de idei, cica s-a intalnit cu cei care-i citesc blogul, si erau numai pensionari acolo. O babuta a si zis ca “a fost chemata”. Parca pensionarii votau cu Iliescu, acu’ ii atrag sanii Elenei si pe ei? )

  9. Thank you for your compliment. Any organization that does not have a good leader, no matter how great the product or service might be, is destined to fail. A good leader not only encourages others to action but takes the first step demonstrating belief in what he/she is doing. Appreciate your taking the time to write a comment

  10. Yo no he jugado a la demo, pero tampoco veo tan trillado el genero. O es que en las 16 bits nos cansabamos de tanto plataformas tan pronto? Estamos mal acostumbrados ultimamente, y no solo en videojuegos.

  11. Hey good news I will be making some hunky dorky clothes soon,hopefully I will have them stocked by christmas. The limerick leader will be printing an interview with me on Thursday if you want to read it, and point and laugh at me.

  12. QUOTE: (Incidentally, what would a performing seagull balance on its nose?) Which question must be an IN for:“My seagull’s got no nose.”“How does he smell?”‘Fishey!”BTW, youngsters, there’ll come a time in your life (so I’ve been told) when there’s no such thing as bad sex… (To misquote Henry Rolls [or was it Royce?]): Gratitude remains when quality is forgotten. scar

  13. пишет:а у меня все гораздо проще, трижды в неделю фитнес-зал, занимаюсь часок ну и часок дорога, так что два часа такой релаксации снимает весь негатив с меняVA:F [1.9.21_1169]Рейтинг: 0 (оценок: 0)

  14. If drachma becomes currency again, I will buy some property in either Santorini or Mykonos. I rememember the prices in Croatia back in mid 90′s were 3-5 cents on the dollar of where they are now and this is with the current USD devaluation.

  15. Anonymní Å™ekl(a)…Koukám, že Å™editelé jsou vÅ¡ude vÅ¡eho schopní 🙂 ChtÄ›l bych zažít pÅ™ed důchodem Å™editele, který bude stát za svými podřízenými pÅ™ed grázlovskými rodiči a nebude svým podřízeným naÅ™izovat, jaké mají dávat parchantům známky.13. června 2012 7:17PROÄŒ UČÍTE???

  16. I approve of Viktor’s work with Adopt Worldwide! And I am happy to donate to support the animals and Viktor’s work. I wish that people who have negative things to say would fix their own lives and leave others alone. Thank you, Viktor, for the work you do. PS. I also donate to other small groups that do animal rescue and adoption, and I do not choose to audit how they spend the money or even insist that they have not-for-profit status. Namaste,Viktor. And say Hi to MONKEY! And Harry, and the others!

  17. I agree with the Game Informer show about Sony's control. I mean HD Dead space extraction will probably make me buy it. For hardcore games it seems Sony's is more responsive and precise while Natal looks innovative and minority reporty which is awesome. I say let's give them a chance because Wii is still selling and has some very cool games.

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  19. I have a few of them on my Kindle but have not read much of them yet so I don't really have an opinion. I do think it is good to separate them more so that people can find things they will enjoy more easily.


  21. Pas de news tennis pendant 4 jours, je débarque et je vois le tableau de l’USO : j’aurais mieux fait de rester planqué… Je me demande d’ailleurs si cela mérite un commentaire…Allez : Cilic, Tsonga/Fish, Djokovic contre Nalbandian, Roddick (la meilleure de l’année celle-là) et Ferrer. Nous sommes d’accord !

  22. As always in the modified limited hangout, the message will be: this is an exception. It's never happened before; we'll make sure it never happens again. We can make sure it never happens again by taking measures X, Y, and Z, and retiring individuals A, B, and C. Who were, quite frankly, a little long in the tooth anyway.I assume you've read Gore's goring in the Times, then?

  23. Das ist Zevenaar für Fortgeschrittene, mit den Variationen bei der Wiederholung. Vielen Dank dafür!“Wie schmeckt, was ich noch nicht rieche?” – diese Zeile zupft mich an, will bei Klarinettenmusik und Pizzaduft zu einem neuen Gedicht werden.Meine Grüße schippern den Rhein hinauf, Heike

  24. September 19, 2011 at 3:39 amReading your blog is so helpful right now. The ongoing theme of my current life is the feeling of standing on the edge, wondering how I’m going to muster up the nerve to take the next leap…. but so desperately wanting to. I need to muster up the courage to fail because I know it’s the only way I’m going to succeed. But I keep getting stuck in what if’s. I love the closing line here about not being able to make more time–every day I wait and wonder is another missed opportunity. Reply

  25. What a song Vj! A song that gives a kind of positive feeling throughout…..A cry for some miracle to happen for Africa! Not sure how much this World Cup’s gonna help…But for sure has given the people of Africa something else to think about……Planning to make it my caller tune….Something which I can do for now 🙂

  26. Heel erg bedankt voor je reactie Maxime, zo zie je toch dat het moeilijk is om te bepalen waar de grens ligt. Waar houdt persvrijheid op en is het ok voor de overheid om het te gaan beperken met als reden mensen beschermen.Een simpel voorbeeld als babynamen representeert dan toch belangrijke nationale issues die belangrijk zijn om te herkennen.Justine

  27. jayDecember 13, 2011 i don’t really know about his english back in the earlier days, but this sounds good even if there’s still some korean accent in some words he pronounced. but who cares, really. he reminds me so much of Ne-yo sometimes.. right now i’m wishing for a studio version of this

  28. You are still a lion-heart. More courage in 30 seconds than most people have in a lifetime. And you are a brilliant storyteller! You’ve learned from this experience and next time, you’ll knock them out of their seats!

  29. Anony 1:24 am, it's too early in the morning to be cracking me up like that. Well, I don't mind being in the black race over again, I was fearful Karma would have brought me back as Maria. Anything but that. And hey, I love you too :)Anony 2:03 am, I see that you're now playing it safe, yeah go with the "you are" for good measure. And I know it's you, the angry ultra-sensitive melanin challenged homophoner. Don't even lie. I'm happy for you. LOL.

  30. Harley started using his gf for such controversial purpose. spreading his ideas ,like a dictator.  He never talked to a certified nutritionist ,didn’t go to college. He made up this sugar diet from couple of biased vegan book and his short term experiences. Most people who tried have bad experiences ,declining health ,many even victim of Harleys suggestive psychopathic personalty. when they warned others they were ditched out from 30bad… so deal with their anger ,this site is made for them in the fist place…

  31. I would like to sponsor my older sister who is a widow with her two children age 16 and 7. I landed immigrant here in Canada but now a Canadian Citizen and married to a Canadian citizen. I have a father and two brothers here but no contact with my dad or my brothers….please can you tell me if there is another way of getting her here?

  32. Depenalizzare vuol dire togliere dal diritto penale e passare al diritto civile. La differenza se la cerchi da solo. Quanto alle accuse a Berlusconi, le suggerisco di leggere meglio i giornali, o di leggerne altri, non solo “L’Unità”, ma presumo che questo commento mi varrà l’accusa di aver preso anch’io soldi da Berlusconi (magari!), no?

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  34. C’ est vrai qu’ entre les défilés et la réalité il y a un grand pas…. J’ adore l’ eye-liner version Cavalli je m’ autorise de temps en temps l’ eye-liner coloré ça change car traditionnellement je le porte façon pin-up et noir ;)Bises

  35. A great analogy to make when describing this terrible event to the gentiles is and what they strange enough DO get: Immagine a child molester is freed from jail and want to return to his pre-jail city, see how the inhabitants holler and protest! These are ruthless trained killers that they return. It is against the advise given by a kidnaped Raw in the medeaval time who told his community not to free him at sums that would not only wreck this community but also entice the land-lord to repeat kidnappings if he got his way. The raw eventually died in captivity.

  36. ….I’m not promising Utopia – but it would be a damned site better to have an independent police complaints authority, I am truly staggered that I would have to even argue this point – oh and as for the cops you hear getting charged – name the last one who was charged with a mis-use of their power

  37. Thanks for having me, Paul. Maybe I was in error, though. People might not suspect us horror writers had bad childhoods. Maybe we create our terrors to add some excitement to the banal reality that we faced as kids. Who knows.And I’ll accept “circle of life” as an answer to “Why do we die?” But I would like to change that to the docedcahedron of life. Still looks like a circle, but it’s full of corners, walls and hard edges. Just like the real world.

  38. Hmmm… I wonder if the two transitions could go together? If he is interested in being a “big boy” you might be able to make a big deal about how big boys go to bed. Anything where you are removing a comfort is really exhausting… for everyone. Good luck to you! Remember that it won’t last forever.

  39. You should cross this bridge when you come to it. Did you put the specific names of the people you want at your wedding? For example:We cordially invite Jane Mason and Mary Mason and notWe cordially invite Jane Mason and familyWere you specific on the RSVP cards as well?If your guests do not take the hint and bring their unwanted kids anyway, you will have no choice but to accommodate them all.

  40. Bueno, si los blogs fueran seres vivos; si nuestras intenciones asomaran siquiera un rasgo de humanidad, por las cuales pudiéramos dejarlos que siguieran solos sus caminos, esto tendría un poco más de sentido. Sin embargo, tampoco podemos decir lo contrario y por lo tanto no podemos condenarlos a un balazo donde se nos dé la gana, por lo menos seria justo si pudiéramos preguntárselo.Por eso el mio esta como está… en un limbo pidiendome que lo alimente.

  41. aproape toata industria muzicala n-are nici interes sa scape de droguri pentru ca se intrepatrunde mai mereu cu acestea. el si colega lui adelina sunt diy. nu e nici o diferenta intre ei si trupele alea de punk cu mesaj social. mesaj bun dar nu-l intelege nimeni, sau cel putin nu cine trebuie. cam pe fuga dar cu intentii bune.

  42. Idea interessante e un ottimo esempio di grafica minimalista tipografica.In effetti quello che utilizziamo ogni giorno condiziona le nostre vite. Tuttavia credo, almeno nel mio caso ma penso nella maggior parte, i layout sarebbero in continuo divenire.:)

  43. Bravo Karine, j’attends avec impatience que ma petite fille Victoire qui a deux ans puisse profiter des « princesses de Marie » car ton idée est géniale et je souhaite vraiment que tu réussisses dans cette  » aventure », j’ai déjà le petit sac que je vais bientôt lui donner car elle adore les sacs. Kiss Marie-Laure

  44. So good to hear from you, Maureen. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this post. I agree. It is a pleasure to think about our poems reaching a larger audience. I take comfort too in knowing people like Ben are the ones sometimes reading submissions. It feels like a fair shot.

  45. I never thought I’d see the day when staying in became a political vocation . . and a socialist one at that! You have the word “think” in the title of your blog, but do you ever actually do any of that on here? Just curious.

  46. Andere Geräte kosten auch viel Geld, ohne Mehrwert zu bieten und setzen im Gegenzug auf weniger wertige Materialien und sind dabei z.B. weniger ergonomisch. Ich finde den Preis daher nicht unbedingt günstig, aber dennoch verhältnismäßig.

  47. Ad VJC:To skutečně nemá. Anebo: za kolik vy osobně byste se nechal zabít?Je-li přesto nutno "cenu života" stanovit, měl by být použit dostatečně vysoký ekvivalent, aby významu lidského života korespondoval.Je zajímavé, že laici v porotách to chápou, profesionální soudci nikoli, domáhajíce se Tarifů, Tabulek a Úplně Pevných Koeficientů.

  48. うまく距離を置いたつきあいにシフトできるといいですね。1番~9番の原因、これはなかなかキツイと思います。私だったら・・8番まではぐーっとこらえて9番に関しては旦那さんとかを引き合いに出してもやめてもらう方向にやんわりだけどキッパリ(難しいですが・・)伝えるかな。あとはお誘いなども何回かに一回のように徐々に間引いていくとか電話とかも長くなりそうなら子どもなどをダシに切るとか。原因のところを見て・・そのお友達もいろいろ不安だったり自信がなかったりさびしかったりするのかなあと思いました。Mizu2さんもお世話になったこともあるしお友達のそんなところを感じてあんまり冷たくするのも・・みたいなところもあるのかな、などと思ったりしました。でもいろいろあるにせよそのお友達はちょっとMizu2さんに依存しすぎだし甘えすぎだと思います。よい関係を続けるためにはやはりお互いが自立し、相手のことを思いやる気持ちがないとムリかと思います。思い切って一歩踏み出してみてください!いったん離れることでまたお友達のよいところも見えてくるかもしれません。

  49. Je remonte dans la hierarchie des comms, le graal est proche. Ce film a l’air vraiment profond et novateur, comment as-tu pu dormir avec tout ce suce pence?!! (l? , c’est marrant, car on imagine quelqu’un suçant une pièce de un pence)

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  51. Just finished cooking this.Waiting on the spring rolls (no way to get proper Japanese pot stickers (Gyoza) here), and then my roommates and I will enjoy a great meal.While I have not sampled the dish yet, I can already tell by it's smell that it will be right about perfect.Made this without ginger (Safeway did not have any).

  52. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarkingand checking back frequently!

  53. I still have 2 issues :Chrome doesn't create thumbnails in new tab (166303)Some sites (microsoft.com) display Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending any data. need to be used with IETab.

  54. Bonjour Sara, merci pour cette douceur matinale. Je reviens vers toi pour te demander quel est l’appareil photo que tu utilise et ses objectifs car je dois m’acheter un nouvel appareil et je recherche des informations. Je te remercie d’avance pour ta réponse !J’attends avec impatience le tuto du coussin ;^)

  55. I made these yesterday and I just have to say THANK YOU!!! I thought I wasn’t going to be able to have my beloved cookies again!! But they ARE DELISH!! Next time I’ll try your icing, I just did powdered sugar with coconut milk. time to start buying new cookie cutters again!! My favorite is the armadillo!!

  56. It's sad, but we have had a few cases here in Cincinnati where one sibling killed another for trivial reasons.We may feel better calling these cases accidents, but at times it's murder.Sorry for the Obama bit the other day Tam. Had JFK lived, America would have been done with the Kennedys as a political family back in the 60s.

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  58. Först, grattis finalisterna till era välförtjänta finalplatser!Sen vill be er snälla rara att inte lämna anonyma negativa kommentarer här pÃ¥ Fototriss. Kommenterar man skriver man ocksÃ¥ ut sitt namn, det är min bestämda Ã¥sikt. Och jag vill att Fototriss ska vara nÃ¥got positivt och roligt för alla fototokiga, oavsett om det rÃ¥kar vara tävling eller ej. Det här är inte pÃ¥ blodigt allvar, det är en lek 🙂

  59. For wannabe international lawyers, I can’t overemphasize that at times, attacks on civilians are perfectly legal and legitimate. The proper language is “protected non-combatants.” Jewish Zionist settler-colonists in the Occupied Territories cannot be considered protected non-combatants by any stretch of the imagination.

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  63. This past Thursday/Friday night, I saw something for which the word “immodest” puts it mildly. I saw a woman wearing sweat pants, and it wouldn’t have taken a pervert to notice her “crack” was showing(I feel uncomfortable talking about this). If this isn’t an example of why females should only wear skirts and dresses, I don’t know what is!

  64. Cześc Kubuś. Wspaniale ,że już jesteś. Masz rację, mam jeszcze wakacje, ostatnie dwa tygodnie. Jestem przerażona,że czas tak szybko leci. Doszła do Ciebie moja przesyłka? Przesyłam Ci buziaki i życzę miłego wieczorku.

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  66. Hi Mary! Thanks for taking time in reading my blog! Im glad youve found me. Im your newest follower. By the way, PFB is now open for voting, and I have posted my first entry. I do hope vote for me! Catch you later for more recipes. Love the zuchinnie fritters by the way. I used to make ball fritters out of zuchinnis(kolokothykeftedes) with tzaziki dip too. Its one of my favorite Greek treat… U

  67. Visst är tre nya med framtiden framför sig mer åtråvärt än gamla flygplan. Bästa alternativet hade väl i så fall varit att vi köpte sju nya C-130H (eller fem (?) C-130J) som ersättare, men i och med att inriktningsbeslutet var underfinansierat, så går det inte. På grund av otydlighet är läget som det är, och bortom 2020 blir det än värre eftersom vi har stora omsättningsbehov.

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  69. I LOVE THIS COOKBOOK! My Grandmother owned this book and bought my mom a copy when she was married in 1937. When my grandmother died i got her copy. Now my daughter is 19 and moving away from home. I am buying myself a new copy as I am passing on my grandmothers original book to her. It provides all the basic down to earth information that a new cook needs and is not found in most modern day cookbooks.

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  72. All this wacky science to sell the Global Warming scam is laughable. Here in Florida, citrus groves have been migrating southward for the past 100 years. That alone is evidence of global cooling. Al Gore and his merry band of leftist globaldroids are criminals and should be indicted and put on trial.

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  78. Cody – The discipline that they imposed is benefitting you. That’s one of the biggest overlooked “costs” of buying a new car for a kid–the fact that he/she won’t develop a sense of responsibility as a result. In wanting our kids to succeed we can often overlook the more crucial ability to survive. That only comes from some self denial.

  79. 2 comments to Virginia:1) Fools Rush In is a fantastic movie. Good humor, decent melodrama. Plus, it helps that Salma Hayek was the lead girl (to Grant’s first point, the chick has to be HOT…and Salma fits that profile…and maybe even defines it)2) The Story of Us: by far the 2nd most depressing movie I have ever seen (lead by a slim margin by When a Man Loves a Woman).

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  168. As crazy as your last few weeks have been, it sounds like such a fun adventure…I’m sure you have many more in store. I love reading about what you guys are doing. -Jen

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  428. money is so dumb. it's so hard to save. i can't seem to do it for the life of me. but i'm hoping to save enough money to go to paris for a week or so after i graduate college in about a year and a half. i think that sounds like a reasonable goal. anyway, i love all of the pictures you always post. where do you find them?!

  429. Otto, all that you have shared here is so real and honest and beautiful. I love how you have come to simply accept things and yourself as you are, without perfection – it is felt.Thank you for your amazingly ordinary tale….

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  433. Perhaps this means women are not dumb enough to run for office? 😉 Mark does raise a good point: any lawmaker that tries to "do something" about this gender difference in policics should also "do something" to get more women in jail. After all, why should ? There must be a bunch of female criminals that are somehow going free, we need to really crack down and get that rate up to parity. 😉

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  436. I am a Christian (since 1986) & a Steeleye/ Maddy fan since 1978. They are NOT Christian, more new-agey/pagan!. Lovely voice/music though. I can’t stomach their ancient songs of child ritual murder any more, but love their recordings of hymns and carols. (Many on youtube) Maddy has a youtube video diary which speaks of her mixed religious beliefs.

  437. With respect, Best Coast and Wavves are very very bad. Please no more. They are a joke. Everyone knows this. Please lets welcome progress and lose these ones. We can do better than this “lo fi blink 182″ shlock.

  438. Diane, Velna, Ron and the rest of the Waite family. I am so sorry for your loss. When I think of Randy I can’t help but smile. We had so much fun growing up and hanging out. Some of my best memories are from those Friday night races at the fairgrounds watching his dad (#98) race. I am thankful to have known him and had him as a friend. I will remember all of you in my prayers.

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